When you order custom boxes for shipping your company's products, you'll have lots of important details to think about. While it's necessary to consider the exterior design of the box so that it offers a stylish and on-brand appearance, you should also think about the box's interior. Many custom shipping box companies give you the ability to choose between various interior designs, including boxes that are lined with thick foam. Here are three benefits of choosing foam-lined shipping boxes to customize and use. 

Protection Of Your Items

The biggest reason to choose foam-lined shipping boxes is that they offer a high level of protection for the items that you ship. If any of your products are remotely breakable, you can expect that shipping them in foam boxes will prevent damage. A damaged product during shipping is frustrating for your customer and a costly issue for you, as you may opt to ship a replacement product free of charge. When you place items in foam-lined boxes, you can be confident that they'll reach your customers intact.

Faster Prep

It's possible to secure a fragile item in a shipping box that isn't lined with foam, but this is a process that takes some time. For example, your employee will need to either use foam packing peanuts or bubble wrap. Either approach increases the time that they spend preparing the item for shipment. In the case of using bubble wrap, they'll commonly wrap the item and may add additional pieces of bubble wrap to the box. Foam-lined shipping boxes are much faster to use. Depending on the size of the item you're shipping, it's often possible to simply place the item in the box and tape it shut. Cutting down on the amount of time it takes to prepare a package for shipment improves the productivity of your shipping department.

Layer Of Insulation

The presence of foam around the inside of a shipping box can also provide a layer of insulation. This is important in cool temperatures, as many couriers leave packages outdoors on peoples' porches. Cold conditions can be detrimental to certain products, perhaps causing them to freeze. For example, a cosmetic product that freezes may experience a change in its consistency, which could be problematic for the customer. The foam will help to insulate the product so that it doesn't freeze before the customer takes it inside.

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