If you're looking to combine HDPE (high-density polyethylene) sheets in a permanent way, welding may be just the fabrication technique for you. It can help you combine multiple sheets together quickly. You just need to observe these protocols when manipulating HDPE sheets with a plastic welder.

Make Sure All Residues are Removed First

You want to get strong adhesion when combining multiple HDPE sheets together with welding so they won't be prone to breaking apart over time. The adhesion you're able to get depends on surface residues that are present.

You should take your time removing them before welding HDPE sheets together because then you won't have any interference. You'll simply have HDPE surfaces that are completely clean and thus take better to your welding actions. Surface preparation doesn't take long. Just make sure you use the right cleaning agents and remain thorough when cleaning all surfaces that are being welded together.

Tack Sections Together

Before you get really far into welding various HDPE sheets, it's a good idea to tack these materials first. This is where you apply a small weld around certain sections to keep HDPE sheets in place. It's something you want to do each time you start welding new HDPE sheets.

The tack weld you use should be strong enough to keep your sheets from moving, which ultimately lets you weld in a more accurate fashion. You'll also have more confidence since you won't have to deal with material movement issues.

Spend Time Familiarizing Yourself with HDPE Sheeting Properties

Once you select a particular variety of HDPE sheeting, it's a good idea to spend time analyzing its exact properties. You want to do this before welding because it's going to help you refine various aspects of how you weld.

For instance, if you find out that your HDPE sheeting is really thick, then you would need to let your welder heat up for a longer period of time compared to working on thinner sheets. Testing small sections of HDPE sheeting with a welder also is a good idea for getting used to the characteristics at play. Then you can dial in your welding techniques better. 

You can effectively combine sections of HDPE sheeting together via welding. It's a fairly easy fabrication to complete on these sheets too. You'll just have to focus on studying your sheeting variety and making the necessary preparations before welding begins. 

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