If your company manufactures metal fabricated pieces, you might be producing the pieces and shipping them directly to a client. However, the help of a specialized first article inspection lab could benefit your company in several ways. Here's how. 

Getting Outside Feedback

The primary reason specialized inspection labs can help manufacturers is that they bring fresh eyes to the process. Lab technicians can tell if a fabrication technique was used that will make the pieces weak, and they can compare the items to the original design to ensure they match up. Your own employees might miss something, and being able to send the pieces over to a lab for close scrutiny can make sure that the pieces you send out to clients are well done. 

Saving Time and Money

As a result of first article inspection lab work, you could find that your manufacturing company saves money. For example, a lab could catch manufacturing mistakes and you won't have to go through the expense of shipping an faulty order out to a client only to pay to ship it back to your company to make changes and ship it out once again.

Labs can also save you time; your own employees can do a primary inspection but leave the thorough inspection to the professionals. They can go on to the next order.

Meeting All Government Guidelines

The federal government has a series of regulations that must be adhered to. Your town and state likely have rules as well. Failing to abide by those guidelines could have dire consequences for your company. You might need to pay fines or you may find yourself in a legal dispute. Therefore, having a professional lab to do your first article inspections can help you remain on the right side of the law. Their inspections will be done by keeping government regulations in mind at every step.

Not only will the lab ensure that the inspections are done to government standards, but they will help you comply with regulations by completing the right paperwork. This can be a challenge for businesses, as regulations at the state and federal level are often changing. You can depend on a lab to know about any updates and new guidelines so that you can have the right documentation for your clients.

A specialized first article inspection laboratory can make your job easier in multiple ways. Consult a first article inspection lab nearby to learn more about how your manufacturing business can do even better with their help.