Graphite is one of the most popular inorganic yet naturally occurring materials that is in use in the production and manufacturing industries today. Most people are familiar with graphite as the material that makes up a pencil's "lead," but graphite can be used to create many more useful items.

Electronic devices are often constructed using graphite gaskets. A graphite gasket can offer unique characteristics that help improve performance and extend the life of electrical equipment well into the future.

Heat Control

Electronic devices can generate a significant amount of heat when they are used for an extended period of time. This heat can warp internal components and cause the electronic device to fail. Graphite can act as a barrier to protect internal components against heat-related damage.

Graphite gaskets are able to offer maximum protection because of their thermal properties. A graphite casket will not fail when faced with high temperatures, allowing important electronic devices to run properly.

Die-Cut Design

Many of the graphite gaskets that are being used in electronic devices today are created using a die-cut process. Older electronics may have relied on graphite grease for thermal protection. Although graphite grease can offer protection, grease products can be messy and dry out over time.

Die-cut gaskets fit easily into electronic control boards and can conform to the unique contours of the control board over time. This ensures maximum heat protection without the mess and constant maintenance associated with graphite grease.

Shock Protection

Another important service that graphite gaskets can provide is protection against thermal shock. Thermal shock is a unique type of electrical charge that is created when temperatures change rapidly.

The mechanical properties of a graphite gasket improve as the gasket heats up. This means that no matter how much heat is generated by an electronic device while it is in use, a graphite gasket will be capable of absorbing thermal shock and dissipating heat evenly and efficiently.

Graphite gaskets are an integral part of any modern electronic system. You can find graphite gaskets in cell phones, LED lights, on printed circuit boards, and in automotive batteries. Without graphite gaskets, thermal shock and high temperatures could fry delicate circuits and render expensive electrical devices inoperable.

Using graphite as a thermal interface material can ensure that the electronic components you manufacture are durable enough to withstand the type of heavy use that modern consumers have come to expect from their electrical components. Contact a supplier of graphite materials in order to learn more.