The checkout area in your store represents a great opportunity to encourage customers to buy additional items. With the right merchandising setup, you can offer last-minute purchases that make sense for the people who shop in your store. The key to this strategy is to maximize the available merchandising space near the registers. Here are just a few options you can use to create powerful displays near your checkout area.

Cardboard Clothing Displays

You can have custom corrugated displays created for your business to merchandise clothing near your cash registers. These displays sit in the center of the aisle near the checkout area, creating a footprint merchandising area customers will pass as they get in line to make their purchases. These displays can be custom-printed with your store's logo and graphics, and you can have special displays made for the holidays. Use this merchandising idea to advertise hot sale items, or use them to offer staple clothing items people might need, such as socks, under shirts and pajamas.

Corrugated Cardboard Bins

Who doesn't love digging for a good deal? Corrugated cardboard bins can be used to hold clearance items, doorbuster sale items, or other value-priced merchandise you hope to sell quickly. These bins have a simple design; simply place your merchandise inside the top of the bin. No arranging is needed, though you can organize the items if you like. Simply add a sign indicating the price and let your customers discover the deals. Situating the bins near the checkout area makes it easy for customers to browse before they make their final purchases.

Countertop Displays

Small cardboard displays are great for last-minute impulse items, whether it's a bar of chocolate or a small toy for a fussy toddler. You can arrange countertop displays along the sides of each checkout area to allow plenty of room for cashiers to work while putting the merchandise where your customers will see it. If the space on your counter is limited, you might also consider using a short etagere to hold these smaller display boxes. The etagere can be placed at the front of the checkout line, but be sure to face each display box toward the customers waiting in line.

Adding extra merchandise to your checkout area can help to maximize sales through last-minute impulse purchases. Take a moment to review your inventory so you can determine which types of merchandise will do best on your custom corrugated box display pieces.