If you have a problem with pests, water, and debris damage throughout your roof because you live in a heavily wooded area, you'll want to consider upgrading the roof to metal panels. Metal panels are ideal for a variety of reasons, and you won't have to worry about problems that arise with an asphalt shingle roof.

The metal roof is becoming a top pick for new home builders, and you can have it put on your roof quickly and at an affordable price. Here are just a few of the reasons why metal roofing is a great option for your wooded home.

Interlock Design Benefits

The metal roofing panels that interlock together are going to stop water from getting to the inner roofing materials and inside the home and they will also help to keep out pests. These panels can't be easily lifted or torn apart like asphalt shingles can be. The interlock design also protects the house against fall branches and debris because it's impact resistant, and it can also withstand heavy snowfall.

Energy Efficiency Enhancement

Metal isn't just protective, but it's also a cool roofing system that enhances your home's efficiency. The metal stops the sun from heating the house during the summer when you have your air conditioning unit running, and it also encloses the heat during the winter when the furnace runs. Some homes can improve efficiency by 40 percent during the summer months with a metal roof.

Longevity Against Weathering

The wind, sun rays, and rain isn't going to damage the way that the metal roof looks, because the metal panels are powder coated. The metal roofing panels should last for a few decades, and can last for 80 years if you care for them properly and have them inspected when needed over time. This makes it a roofing option that won't require a lot of maintenance over time.

If you are tired of having an asphalt shingle roof that is getting damaged all the time, look into getting metal roofing instead. The metal panels will look great and they are going to be great for your home that is exposed to damage that can be caused by trees and wooded areas. Get a couple of different quotes so you can see what each contractor charges and what work they think needs done to your roof to prepare it to have the metal panels put on. Contact a company like JD Metals to get started.