If you own a bookstore, deciding which books to set near the back on static shelves and which books to put on movable displays near the front can be a daunting task. But choosing the right kind of book displays for your store's particular circumstances is just as important as choosing the right books to put in the spotlight. Whenever you're in the market for a new book display for your business, consider these three reasons for ordering a custom one made out of acrylic.

Clear Acrylic Means More Books Will Be Visible At Once

The biggest advantage acrylic has over wood, plastic, and metal is that its transparency makes it easier to display many books at once. As long as you use acrylic and make sure that the display's compartments have a little space between them, even a book that's completely covered by other books in a compartment will still have its spine visible.

This is especially pertinent if you decide you want an acrylic display case with densely packed shelves instead of individual compartments designed to store books front side out. When all the books on the display are going to have their spines facing outward, it's a good idea to have all the individual acrylic enclosures open from the top to prevent anything from falling out.

Books Won't Fall Out As Easily As They Would On A Wire Display

You might be thinking that a more open wire display will allow you to show just as many books as a transparent acrylic display. But since a book will only be held in place by a small metal platform at its bottom and a few metal bars on its sides, it'll be much more susceptible to falling out than a book that has a tall, wide, and thick acrylic sheet to lie on.

Protecting your books from falling off the display because they were tampered with is extra important if you want to showcase titles primarily of interest to children and teenagers. So the more manga and paranormal romances you plan to stock at the front, the more you'll need acrylic.

Acrylic Can Be Easily Customized To Fit Many Different Types Of Books

Since acrylic has to be molded rather than cut apart like wood, you'll have quite a lot of flexibility when it comes time to choose a design for your custom book display. While this may not be of much interest to you if you only want to display books of a single type and size, it's great if you want a multipurpose book display that will give a distinctive look to multiple book genres simultaneously.

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